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The origin of the butterfly collection that you will find on this website goes back to 1968 and to Cal Tit in the village of Dòrria, a house that once belonged to the brothers Hipòlit and Agustí Gabaldà.

As time passed, the collection continued to be added to, with captures made in Vic and Sant Julià de Vilatorta. Eventually, in 2005 it was moved to its current home in Planoles.
The collection consists essentially of macro-lepidopters, above all those found in the valley of Toses and Planoles. It has a didactic vocation and aims to show visitors the extraordinary wealth of butterflies that fly in the county of the Ripollès.
Thanks to their sensitivity to changes in their surroundings, butterflies are excellent bioindicators of environmental quality.
Over the years, the fall in the number of butterflies is becoming more and more alarming, a fact that highlights the highly negative tendency towards biodiversity loss that is occurring on a large-scale.
The conservation of butterflies and their natural habitats is essential and one of the ways we can help is to make people more aware of the natural riches that we possess.
Some of the main disturbances affecting the world’s butterflies are the transformation of the landscape, the use of insecticides, forest fires and global climate change, all of which negatively affect the natural habitats of our butterflies.
Thus, better knowledge of our butterflies will help us understand many aspects of the natural world that surround us and many of the phenomena that affect living creatures. It is important to remember that, if we want people to respect the environment, then we must ensure that they truly appreciate it. For that to happen, people must be aware of how it works.
All collections are of great scientific value and to complete a collection requires a great sacrifice in terms of both time and work. Thus, it is vital that collections be looked after and be well conserved.
The House of Butterflies is a small natural history museum that, aside from the butterflies, boasts a collection of fossils from above all the Eocene (Tertiary Period) from the Plana de Vic, minerals and rocks from all over Catalonia, and numerous specimens of Coleoptera and Diptera. All of the collection’s specimens are well documented and are easy to find and study.